Frank Rutherford and his family, a natives
of the Bahamas, grew up drinking malta.
A common beverage in their island
home, malta helped Frank to
develop the strength and maintain
the energy he needed as an
Olympian. Now Frank Rutherford and his family
brings you a highly researched
and carefully developed
beverage. Mega Malt was
formulated by the Rutherfords and Frank, a
three time Olympian and 1992
Olympic Bronze Medalist, the
first Olympic Medalist
Bahamas. He and his family at E.S.
Marketing Beverage Brokers,
Inc., worked closely with one of
the oldest breweries in Holland
to create the beverage that
meets the demands of malta
consumers. Rutherford has an
understanding of the malt
beverage business that goes
beyond the average malt
producer. They were able to develop
a drink that has all of the
qualities and taste of the
traditional malta, as well as being
healthy and delicious. As a result,
this combination of expertise has
developed a new and improved
About Us
"Enjoy the premium taste of Mega Malt!"


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