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product as well as answer any
questions you may have.  Please
see a list of our distributors all
over the world.
Island Wholesale                                
Nassau, Bahamas                                             

Rivera Produce
Los Angeles, CA                                                                

Antigua Distilleries
St. Johns, Antigua                                    

Spicy World

New York Eves Sales
New York City, NY                              

La Crete Foods International                              
Hialeah, Florida                                                                                                      

Caribbean Cresent                                                                         
Baltimore, Maryland                                 

Tasty Treats
Toronto, Canada                                                         

Alimentos California, S.A.                                      
Caracas, Venezuela                                            

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Send emails to:  megamalt@yahoo.com

Phone number:  832-886-5901                                                Fax Number:  832-451-6103