"Enjoy the premium taste of Mega Malt!"
Mega Malt is a refined, slightly lighter, sweet tasting malt
beverage that can be consumed during and after workouts.  
Mega Malt is smooth and silky, perfect for lunch, dinner, or just
for a casual drink, whether you are playing at a night club or
mixing at a business reception.

Mega Malt is not just a beverage, but a lifestyle change.  It is
the essence of premium European quality combined with years of
understanding what malta consumers are asking for.  Mega Malt
is a truly versatile malt beverage that can be enjoyed like the
popular colas, but with real nutritional value.
To contact us:

Send emails to:  megamalt@yahoo.com

Phone number:  832-886-5901                                                Fax Number:  832-451-6103